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Tips for Naming Baby

A name is an ever-lasting gift from you to your baby
A name is the sweetest and an ever lasting gift from you to your baby. It is more than a term of identification.

Select a name on how you picture your baby as an adult
Your baby's name reflects how you picture your baby as an adult. If you imagine that he may become an athletic person, you might select a name, which reflects physical strength and athleticism.

Be Prepared for Nick Names
Many names have their associated nicknames. Be aware of nicknames that will forever sound like a little boy or girl like Billy, Bobby, Jimmy and Putti.

Be careful about Unisex names
Though lovely, be careful of names that, at least phonetically, fit both sexes. Such names might confuse others while determining a sex based on names.

Consider the sound of the name
Select a name, which blends properly with the last and middle name. General rule is: A long last name goes better with a short first name and vice versa.

Be aware of Tongue Twisters
Also look for tongue twisters. The combination of first and the last name should not turn into a tongue twister.

There are many factors which might influence you in determining a name for your baby. But the fact that you like that name, is an important step toward forming a strong bond with your baby.

For an infinite list of popular Indian baby names, go to Babyzone.com. Have fun naming babies!

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