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Free Love Stories

Free Love Stories on the Internet is provided by Indiabook.Com for peoples to have there true love stories on the net. The Registration is free and any body from the whole world can Make their Love Stories. You will have to Register yourself by filling a form and Username and password will given to you for Login.Further More interestingly On your stories the netizen can post there comment may be bad or good. You story appraisal is on line by netizens.


Absolutely FREE.
Just fill the form and you will become member/author.
Instantly automatic member registration.
Members can Edit,Update your love stories any time.
Members can Edit,Update your personal profile any time.
Members will receive confirmation email giving your UserName and Password.
Ensures username is unique, not being used already.
Stories can be read by Non-members also.
Netizens can post comment on line but he/she should be member.
Members have a choice to allow or not to allow netizens to comment on there stories.
Members can preview the stories before posting.
Netizens can view the profile of author.

Click here to Get Free Love Stories!

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